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Tiago Sena Silva

Saturday | 28th of May | 20.00h | Largo do Pelourinho | Outdoor

Sena Collective is the most recent project from Tiago Sena Silva, whose name is already well recognized and cherished by the Madeiran public. This show invites the audience to sing and dance to some beautiful songs sung in Portuguese.

"Portugalidade" gives name to a concert that focuses on the Portuguese language. Songs from the Portuguese tradition, among other Luso Portuguese traditions including African rhythms and the warmth of the Brazilian accent, while revisiting themes and styles ranging from José Afonso to Mayra Andrade, including Miguel Araújo and Caetano Veloso.

On stage Tiago Sena Silva is joined by Francisco Aguilar on saxophone and voice, João Freches on keyboards, Gonçalo Sousa on bass, and Pedro Temtem on drums.